Thanks for Walking with me!

Interesting to note the people who have continued to walk with me into the future.

I have an amazing set of friends, some who have been with me for years and others who have joined my journey more recently.  I appreciate the time they invest in me and do my best to return their investment daily.

A large part of my journey is the inclusion of my friends in this walk.  The daily interactions (texts, emails, calls) I have with my friends allows me to continue to grow and know I’m making a positive difference in their lives.  I get great joy receiving a text about a professional accomplishment or huge ‘money move’ (Cardi B. reference) from my friends.  This keeps me motivated to continue to find ways to help others exceed their stated goals.

The ability to make a difference daily has not diminished at all.  Walking into the future has provided me additional avenues to help others while experiencing new adventures in my life.  The ability to be available for conversations, texts and emails without schedule constraints is the best aspect of my walk so far.  I’m enjoying being able to branch out into multiple areas (travel, leadership, life, music, etc.) while walking into the future.

Really looking forward to seeing what else this walk brings into my life!  I’m sure travel and mentoring will play a huge part!

Thank you to my Board of Directors who keep me balanced daily!

Thank you


The easiest definition for the Jamaican word Irie is total peace with your current state of being or the way you feel when you have no worries (Urban Dictionary).

Spend anytime with or around Jamaicans and you will hear someone respond to a greeting with Irie ‘mon.  This laid back and carefree way of life can be infectious and inspiring if you let it.

So, how can you get to the Irie level in your daily life?  Positive self-talk!

Positive self-talk and thinking can transform your daily interactions.  The benefits to your psyche are visible as soon as you start the process.  How many people say they are not a morning person?  This is a negative self-talk concept.  You have just ruined your day by putting yourself in a negative state of mind.  Why not welcome the morning with open arms?  Change the negative thoughts of the morning with positive thoughts.  State today will be a great day and watch how your actual day matches up with your positive thoughts.

Positive self-talk can be applied in multiple areas of your life.  Apply for a new job with confidence and know you have put your best efforts into the process.  Don’t openly doubt yourself and take on the negative side of a situation.  Positive self-talk will allow you to enjoy the prospects of going to the gym, meeting new people, finding a hobby.  I could go on and on with this concept but hopefully you can see ways to incorporate positive self-talk into your daily routines.

Make a few declarations:

  • Today will be a great day
  • I’m a fantastic student
  • I’m feeling great
  • Looking forward to my run
  • Nothing can stop me today

How can you add positive self-talk into your personal conversations?  Curious!

Let’s get Irie!



Took a walk today in my hometown, Jasper, Florida.  Small farming community in North Central Florida on the Florida/Georgia line.

Why write about a walk in a small town?

Well, decided to take a simple walk after dinner just to get a few steps in.  I inadvertently left my cell phone behind but discovered this was a very fortunate mistake.

No cell phone, headphones or other electronics provided me an opportunity to truly enjoy my walk.  The peacefulness I found simply taking in nature (birds, trees, the sunset) was an amazing aspect of the walk.  Yes, I’ve walked in my hometown before but how many times have you really escaped from your electronics and just enjoyed the moment?

My stroll allowed me to burn a few calories and still enjoy the process of my walk.  No specific place to be or time to get there during this walk allowed me to get lost in plain sight and just enjoy the moment.  Enjoyed a two-mile stroll without ever thinking about the need to check email, text messages or my watch.  Felt funny at first but think I like getting away from my electronics for a little while.

Will look to make this type of getaway a regular staple to help focus on the important things in life.

When’s the last time you left your electronics behind on purpose?  How would this process help in your daily life?


A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” 

(Oprah Winfrey)

Having a mentor is an excellent way to walk into the future.  A mentor can help with your personal and professional growth.  I recommend having multiple mentors who can give you different perspectives and maximize your efforts to walk into the future.

Identify someone who has expertise in an area you are interested in.  Use your current network to help identify a mentor if you don’t have direct connections with the right person.

Reach out to a potential mentor and let them know your needs and gauge their ability to serve as your mentor.  Remember, this person will be ‘giving’ their time to help you grow so make sure the fit works for you both.

You should be responsible for setting the agenda whenever you meet with your mentor.  Provide them with regular updates so they can be prepared to sit with you.  This ensures your time together is productive.

I let my mentees identify the day, time and agenda for our regular meetings.  This helps them take charge of their meeting and helps keep us on track to meet their stated goals.  I find myself learning and growing during my sessions as much as my mentees.  This is another form of networking and I enjoy being a mentor.

I have multiple mentors and see my personal and professional growth expanding due to mentors who have ‘reached back’ to help me.  I continue to have my eyes open for new mentors to help my walk into the future.

How can you leverage a mentor/mentee relationship for growth?  Who can you mentor to help them move forward?

Note:  Received text messages from two of my mentees on the same day—they both accepted offers for new positions—well done!

For by wise counsel you will wage your own war.  And in a multitude of counselors there is safety. (Proverbs 24:6)

Make it a great day!


Get Fit

Why not use your walk into the future to work on your physical well-being?

A lot of people make January resolutions to motivate themselves to get fit.  You don’t have to limit your motivational time frame to January, you can decide to work on your physical goals anytime of the year.

Check your local area for 5k races and sign up.  There are multiple ways to get ready for your first 5K (3.1 miles).  A very popular program is called ‘Couch to 5K’ which will start you out with a walk/run platform and build your endurance, so you can start and complete a 5K.  You can use this or a similar program to begin the process of joining in the fun of a race weekend when ready.  Remember to set measurable goals for yourself.  Example:  Complete your first 5k under 35 minutes.  Your training and mindset should be geared towards meeting or exceeding your measured 5k goal.

Another area you may want to explore is strength training.  Building muscle is a great way to reshape your body and enjoy yourself in the process.  Start slow and give yourself time to get use to the ‘gym culture’ and build an individual program.  You may want to utilize a personal trainer as you get started to learn proper techniques and to create a program to maximize your results.  Again, set measurable goals for yourself and make sure you stretch those new muscles.

My walk into the future has allowed me to update my personal fitness goals.  I read on Men’s about a guy who decided to walk/run a 5k daily to help him lose weight.  He was able to drop over 50 pounds with this process.  He started out walking and built himself up to being able to run a full 5k within his documented schedule.

I’m not trying to lose 50 pounds but plan to leverage a similar approach as I gear up for my next half marathon in October.  I have completed two half marathons so far this year (Rock and Roll New Orleans and Nashville).  My stated goal for 2018 was to run 4 half marathons.  I’m well on my way to meeting this written goal.  I recently adjusted this goal a bit to include running a half marathon under 2 hours.  My personal record for a half marathon is 2 hours and 15 minutes (2:15).  I believe adjusting to the daily 5k program will help me increase my mileage base and speed as I gear up for the next half marathon.  We will see how this new approach and mindset will work for me. Gearing up for the USO Armed Forces Half in October:

(FYI—I completed 12 5k’s in July).

What fitness goals did you set for 2018?  How’s your progress towards meeting or exceeding those goals.  Don’t be afraid to adjust as needed but keep moving forward—you can do it!

SAMPLE Training plan below:Track Shack

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