The easiest definition for the Jamaican word Irie is total peace with your current state of being or the way you feel when you have no worries (Urban Dictionary).

Spend anytime with or around Jamaicans and you will hear someone respond to a greeting with Irie ‘mon.  This laid back and carefree way of life can be infectious and inspiring if you let it.

So, how can you get to the Irie level in your daily life?  Positive self-talk!

Positive self-talk and thinking can transform your daily interactions.  The benefits to your psyche are visible as soon as you start the process.  How many people say they are not a morning person?  This is a negative self-talk concept.  You have just ruined your day by putting yourself in a negative state of mind.  Why not welcome the morning with open arms?  Change the negative thoughts of the morning with positive thoughts.  State today will be a great day and watch how your actual day matches up with your positive thoughts.

Positive self-talk can be applied in multiple areas of your life.  Apply for a new job with confidence and know you have put your best efforts into the process.  Don’t openly doubt yourself and take on the negative side of a situation.  Positive self-talk will allow you to enjoy the prospects of going to the gym, meeting new people, finding a hobby.  I could go on and on with this concept but hopefully you can see ways to incorporate positive self-talk into your daily routines.

Make a few declarations:

  • Today will be a great day
  • I’m a fantastic student
  • I’m feeling great
  • Looking forward to my run
  • Nothing can stop me today

How can you add positive self-talk into your personal conversations?  Curious!

Let’s get Irie!



Author: WalkintotheFuture

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