Thanks for Walking with me!

Interesting to note the people who have continued to walk with me into the future.

I have an amazing set of friends, some who have been with me for years and others who have joined my journey more recently.  I appreciate the time they invest in me and do my best to return their investment daily.

A large part of my journey is the inclusion of my friends in this walk.  The daily interactions (texts, emails, calls) I have with my friends allows me to continue to grow and know I’m making a positive difference in their lives.  I get great joy receiving a text about a professional accomplishment or huge ‘money move’ (Cardi B. reference) from my friends.  This keeps me motivated to continue to find ways to help others exceed their stated goals.

The ability to make a difference daily has not diminished at all.  Walking into the future has provided me additional avenues to help others while experiencing new adventures in my life.  The ability to be available for conversations, texts and emails without schedule constraints is the best aspect of my walk so far.  I’m enjoying being able to branch out into multiple areas (travel, leadership, life, music, etc.) while walking into the future.

Really looking forward to seeing what else this walk brings into my life!  I’m sure travel and mentoring will play a huge part!

Thank you to my Board of Directors who keep me balanced daily!

Thank you

Author: WalkintotheFuture

Sharing information to help others walk into the future!

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