No cell, no worries!

‘Cell phones are so convenient that they’re an inconvenience.’

(Haruki Murakami)

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Yesterday I had a small problem handling my cell phone.  Started my daily trek to the gym to get a chest workout in.  Nothing out of the norm so far, right?  Well my cell phone fell from my gym bag as I was putting it in my vehicle.  I’ve dropped my cell phone before so didn’t think this was a major deal in life.  Put it back in my bag and made my way to the gym.

Discovered the simple drop may impact my day more when I tried to listen to my favorite reggae station during my workout.  Turns out my phone showed the dreaded ‘black screen’ of death—still had indicator lights that I had incoming messages, but I couldn’t navigate to them without my interactive screen.  Still no big deal, so I thought—figured I would reboot the phone after the gym, and everything would be back to normal.

Googled my phone brand and model to get the sequence needed for the reboot.  Followed the directions for multiple reboot sequences but the black screen did not disappear.  After experiencing a modest level of frustration for me, decided to go see my service provider for some help.  Presented my problem to the service technician and had to laugh because she went straight to Google to perform the reboot sequences I had done already.  Didn’t work for her any better than it did for me, so I felt good with the knowledge I could follow simple directions.

Got referred to a local U Break I Fix shop for a potential repair.  The owner was quick to let me know he sees my type repair daily and they should be able to get me fixed, no worries.  Turns out this drop of the phone did damage to my LCD screen.  The phone is still operating just can’t get the screen to show what’s happening.  Again, no worries!

I quickly learned from leaving my cell phone at the repair shop how dependent we have become on our phone and other technical devices.  Without a cell phone (24 hours only) it felt like I was invisible in the world—this made me laugh.  I realized there are only three phone numbers I have memorized—mine, my mom’s home number and my grandmother’s home number—that’s it.  I couldn’t contact anyone else even if I had a way to call or text them.  Decided to email a few folks to let them know I wasn’t ignoring them with my phone silence and had them notify others of my current lack of technology access.

Took me a little bit but soon discovered a type of freedom without my phone.  I’m a news junkie so when I have a phone, I’m always on it checking sports scores, CNN and MSN.  I got through my workout today quicker than normal because I didn’t take a break to read an article or check out the political landscape.  Also, enjoyed my lunch more since I couldn’t interrupt myself by staring at my phone instead of eating.  Took my vehicle for an oil change and was able to get in over 2000 steps walking instead of sitting in the waiting room on my phone.

None of the things I’ve done without my phone are earth shattering but it did show me there is still life events without having a phone in my hands.  Everything I needed to accomplish still got done—in fact it appears I’m more productive without having the phone as a distraction.

Lessons learned from this 24-hour period without a cell phone:

  • Quit dropping the phone
  • I need to have more numbers memorized—3 is laughable (technically two since one is mine)
  • Limit phone use in the gym
  • Put the phone down and enjoy my meals
  • Have backup communication paths—just in case

Surviving my 24-hour period without my phone wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Turned out to be a very peaceful time for me—very surprised but happy with this outcome.

So, my question for you:  how many phone numbers do you have memorized?  Be honest! 😊

Enjoy your walk!


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3 thoughts on “No cell, no worries!”

  1. Your experience without the cellphone is very realistic for a lot of people, including myself. I sometimes wish that I could experience the days, before the cell phone, especially the peace of mind. I am like you; my memorized numbers are minimal. I could only think of 10. 😊


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