Authentic Leadership

“Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken”.

(Oscar Wilde)

Authentic Fish

Authentic Leadership is rooted in positive psychology and can lead to greater self-awareness and regulated behavior of leaders.  This leadership style continues to grow and can be applied to multiple organizations and work settings.

Authentic Leadership can be used to create positive work outcomes and improve organizational performance.  Authentic leaders are true to themselves, to others and are trusted by all levels.  Authentic leaders seek continued growth and can align thoughts, feelings and actions.  They are humble and consistent; this can be a positive predictor of direct report satisfaction.

The four components or variables of Authentic Leadership are:  self-awareness, internalized moral perspective, balanced processing and relational transparency.

  • Self-awareness: the authentic leader has a full understanding of their strengths, values, weaknesses and how others view their leadership
  • Relational Transparency: the authentic leader presents authentic self to build trust.  They are consistent with words, thoughts and actions.
  • Internalized Moral Perspective: ability to integrate personal morals with self-perspective.  The leader must be self-aware to understand how their internal morals influence their actions.
  • Balanced Processing: the authentic leader can view both sides of an issue (positive and negative) before deciding.  This encourages the leader to seek multiple views and opinions and eliminates taking a defensive position when information is received.
    • My research shows direct report job satisfaction is best explained when leaders display balanced processing.

Authentic Leadership implications for the work place

  • Interventions are received better
  • Work place efficiency improves
  • Encourages direct reports engagement
  • The leader is approachable, trusted, influential and displays relational interactions with direct reports

How can you leverage Authentic Leadership in your work environment?  How would an Authentic leader impact your current work place?

Authentic Leadership Part 2



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