Funny Meditation

Meditation is an active process to train your mind.  This form of training can be done to relax or focus your mind when needed.

According to Harvard Researcher Herbert Benson, meditation triggers a ‘relaxation response’ that causes activity reduction of the sympathetic nervous system.

Areas meditation research have shown to help are:  lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, stress relief and my favorite deep relaxation.

Meditation practice can be used throughout the day to help improve your walk into the future.

Find a comfortable place when needed to begin your meditation process.

My day starts with a minimum of 5 minutes to meditate and properly prepare for the day.  I prefer a completely dark room without distractions (TV, music, etc.) in the background.  This process allows me to calm my thought process and identify things I want to focus on for the day.  I make a few declarations during this time:

  • Today will be a great day
  • I will make a difference today
  • Positive thoughts create positive results
  • Others as needed

This provides the springboard needed to start the day off to generate desired results.

Meditating at work is a little more challenging but can be accomplished.

For those with an actual office, look for an opportunity to close your door for a few minutes.  Sit comfortably and close your eyes to begin.  Focus on your breathing and how your body reacts.  Let the concepts of your breathing rhythms help calm your mind, body and heart rate.   This process provides the most benefit when experiencing high stress periods in the work day.  Consistency in your meditation practice will allow you to find time in the day to take this mental and physical break needed.

For those in a cubicle environment, look for an opportunity to get up from your desk and walk.  You can use this time to refocus, collect your thoughts or relax as needed.  A quick trip down the hall or outside to find a quiet spot to recharge can be the thing needed to get through a trying day.

Leverage meditation during your day to regain focus, relax and eliminate stress.  It will not be one size fits all but can be beneficial to help you accomplish what’s needed.

How can you use meditation to help conquer your day?  Curious.



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