Coffee Shops

The past few months on my ‘Walk into the Future’ have allowed me to discover and immerse myself into the coffee shop world.

Not saying I’ve never been in a coffee shop, but my current walk has me exploring coffee shops as an outlet for my creative flow.  Most of my previous blog posts were imagined, designed and written in a coffee shop.  I find the environment rich with audial, creative and visual stimulation to help generate ideas and then put them in some measurable format to share via blog.

The people watching in this environment is first rate!  It’s amazing watching the people interactions within a coffee shop—regardless of the time of day.  The amount of business being transacted within coffee shops highlights the benefits of networking away from an actual office.  People bring clients or prospective clients out for coffee to discuss work product, marketing designs and mergers.

Friendly get togethers are another large portion of the people who frequent coffee shops on a random Tuesday.  Friends meeting up after a morning yoga class or run occupy most of the seats today.  The demographics of these groups highlight a diverse crowd who really enjoy good coffee and conversation.

I make a point to patronize multiple local coffee shops to experience interactions on multiple spectrums.  Some of the shops I frequent have a faster pace to patron interactions, tone of the conversations and the actual noise level within.  Others have the pace, feel and sound inflections like a library with the real or perceived ‘hush’ look from people.

I find myself gravitating towards the quieter coffee shops because I can concentrate a bit more and research/write additional context.

My favorite coffee shop so far is Lucky Goat.  Good coffee, pastries, atmosphere and the people are always friendly.  There are numerous coffee shop options available but Lucky Goat continues to draw me in.

What’s your favorite local coffee shop?


Luck Goat2Lucky Goat3


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